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Cut translation costs with a Translation Memory System

Technical documentation, such as user manuals or operating manuals, are not only translated into European languages, but many more languages for the world market. That is why the costs for translations can easily reach unexpected dimensions. With systematic terminology work and consistent text, documentation departments can contribute to reducing these expenses. A translation memory system aids with the implementation.

What is a translation memory system

A TMS is a database in which texts are stored both in the source and in the target language. It consits of an editor, with which the translators work, a terminology management system and a storage.

A TMS recognizes duplicates

As soon as a complete senctence is imported into the TMS for translation, the system checks if the same sentence has already been translated before. The TMS recognizes the sentence and proposes the existing translation to the translator. The translator has the chance to accept the existing translation and consequently save working time. An automatic integration of already translated texts into a target document is possible in several TMS, but we do not recommend this. Nevertheless, translation costs can be cut significantly by creating consistent texts.

A TMS shows terminology

In the same way, the TMS also recognizes, if texts contain terminology that has already been translated. If a sentence imported into the TMS and there exists a terminology entry for a term, the system displays the terminology entry and the translation into the target language. That way, the translator is able to translate the sentence without having to research the correct translation of technical terms, and without being in danger of using an unwanted synonym.

This is how you cut translation costs for technical documentation:

  • Consistent language during text creation means that texts with the same content have to be translated only once.
  • Systematic terminology work guarantees consistent language and less research time.
  • Instructions without or with only little text.

Instructions without text