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Trends in Technical documentation

New methods and possibilities are emerging in the field of technical documentation, which will become more important in the coming years. This includes versatile forms of mobile documentation in particular: media objects and interactive elements, with which manufacturers present their information in a more user-specific manner.

Mobile devices

Mobile devices have many technical options which you can use in technical documentation:

  • Cameras
  • GPS
  • Barcode scanner
  • E-Mail

Mobile technical documentation offers application areas for software docuemtation as well as for documentation for maschines.
Software documentation
Creating manuals

User forums

Forums in which users answer questions of other users play an increasingly important role. Many reknowned producers have started to integrate search functions into their online help and manuals with which users can look for help and advice in forums. This offers the producers a chance to find out which issues are particularly important for the users. Furthermore, they gain valuable insight into the quality of their technical documentation, as potential gaps are uncovered.

Commentary and feedback

Technical documentation with such features allow users to provide constructive critisicm and suggestions for improvement. Again, this is a substantial opportunity for producers for optimizing their customer documentation.
In addition to improving customer documentation, these new ways contribute to customer satisfaction and retention and become a stimulating factor in terms of marketing.