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Creating technical documentation

Adapt you technical documentation to the challenges of global markets. We know how to structure your technical documentation. Our expert staff writes every kind of manual and publish it in your preferred output format. We understand how to turn complex ideas into easy to follow manuals and online-helps.

Our editing services comprise the following:

Single Source Publishing

Single source publishing is a method to reuse created information modules. This content management method allows the same source content to be used more than one time in different manuals or online-helps. This reduces the potential for error, as corrections are only made one time in the source document.
Single Source Publishing


Instructions that comply with standards and guidelines along the entire lifecycle of your products, for example installation instructions, operating manuals, maintenance manuals. We create all kinds of technical documentation for you to safely operate and maintain your products.
Instructions without Text
Success Story: Manuals for Kugelmann Maschinenbau

Online-help and online documentation

Standalone help, context-sensitive online help, and embedded help for your software products.
Software Documentation
Success Story: Siemens Healthcare CT and MI

Copy editing

Optimizing your technical documentation with comprehensive copy editing. Thereby you reach a greater user friendliness and high-quality technical documentation.
Copy editing

This is how we create your technical documentation

Your resources for creating your technical documentation are tight? Then the technical writers at people text are just the ones for you. We stand for sound specialist knowledge and future-proof solutions - in creating your technical documentation. If you want to evaluate your options versus your current documentation process, let us put our experience to work for you. We get to know your products, processes, and software, so we can achieve your long-term goals.

  • We plan the entire documentation project for you. In doing so, we attune your project to your company- and branch-specific targets.
  • We create a concept for your technical documentation and carry out the necessary research in your development department.
  • We create, update or maintain your documentation. In doing so, we will keep an eye on the potential for optimisation and increase the productivity in the course of the project.
  • We conduct a review of your documentation, cooperating with your development department. When we have incorporated corrections and adjustments, we conduct a further internal review.
  • We publish your technical documentation in your preferred format.

What we offer

We offer individual solutions, geared to your needs. User manuals or operating instructions: These are instructions which help users to use a product correctly and safely. Whether you need a user manual on a mobile device or printed out, we have longstanding experience in creating those documents, we know the editorial tasks. The process of developing a complex technical documentation is a task that requires having clear expectations, commitments, and ongoing communication. Our expert technical writers, illustrators, and project managers ensure high-quality content is delivered consistently and on time.