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Translation Management at Siemens

The Siemens Healthcare Sector is one of the world’s largest suppliers in the healthcare industry and is the leading provider of medical imaging, laboratory diagnostics, medical information technology and hearing instruments. Siemens supplies products and solutions for the entire range of patient care – from prevention and early detection to diagnosis to therapy and aftertreatment.

The technical documentation departments of Computed Tomography (CT) and Molecular Imaging (MI) publish manuals and online help in at least 33 languages. For several years, the technical editors from people text have provided support for the translation department with their translation management and with the verification of translated documents.

For the translation management, we check out the source language content from the content management system, send the data to the translation service provider and, after translation, check in the new languages in the system. Then, we verify the formal and terminological correctness of the translations with a comprehensive and accurate quality check. Having developed and constantly optimized a sophisticated workflow, people text is able to check hundreds of translated documents within short time.

Thanks to our longstanding and project-related experience in technical editing departments, our technical editors are specialists for XML-based content management systems. Their skills help us to efficiently press ahead with the process sequence and become a competent partner. This secures the formal and terminological consistency of all translated manuals of the respective Siemens Healthcare departments.