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Operating manuals for Kugelmann Maschinenbau

Kugelmann Maschinenbau, a medium-sized and family-owned company, was founded in 1952 and has developed innovative solutions for a wide range of technologies, from sweeping-suction-combinations to spreaders to laser cabins. Kugelmann offers quality from a single source, with all products being developed and produced on-site in Germany. About 60 members of staff aspire to perfectly solve their customers’ individual problems.

Since 2009, people text has created manuals for the installation, operation and maintenance of Kugelmann’s products. This includes documentations for a motor unit for winter service spreaders, a sweeping system attachable to forklifts, a system of mirrors for motor vehicles, a laser cabin and table, and a snow plough.

people text has guided Kugelmann’s implementation of a content management system and thereby contributed to a higher standard of documentation. In addition, we have supported Kugelmann maintaining their spare parts lists in this system and trained the staff how to use it.

Creating the documentation, it was vital to meet the special requirements of the machine engineering industry regarding conformity to standards and guidelines. Thereby, people text has made a substantial contribution to the success story of Kugelmann in the past years.
Kugelmann Maschinenbau