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Partnership with Expert Communication System

people text is a wide-ranging documentation service provider based in Munich and Frankfurt am Main. It provides companies with support in content creation and in all matters related to technical documentation.

people text is now a partner of Expert Communication Systems. “Our customers expect us to provide them with information and advise them well. Hence it is important for people text to distinguish itself in as many areas of content creation as possible. We thus offer the highest level of reliability and flexibility to our customers”, says Günter Starkmann, owner of people text.

Through its partnership with Expert Communication Systems, people text offers additional services to its customers to meet the demands of progressive digitisation. The browser-based XML content management system Smart Media Creator (SMC) can be used in a number of areas. Examples of its application are:

Expert Communication Systems GmbH, based in Haar near Munich, is the manufacturer of the browser-based XML content management system Smart Media Creator. Thanks to modern technologies and structures, the SMC is characterised by high efficiency and usability and can be used in a number of areas related to technical documentation and technical marketing. Examples of use: handbooks/instructions, catalogues/data sheets, software documentation/online help, web content and mobile devices, e-learning and marketing media.