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Five advantages of instruction manuals with limited text

In certain kinds of manuals, it is possible to reduce or to omit instructional text significantly by visualizing technical devices and processes. The text is replaced by or combined with illustrations. If the context of an image or an illustration is clear, the instructions are intelligible for an international audience. Instructions without or with very little text and with a lot of images are most advisable for assembly instructions, operating manuals, maintenance instructions and service documentation.

Advantages of instructions without text in technical documentation

  • Users can understand images and illustrations faster and more efficiently than text.
  • If very little instructional text is used but rather more illustrations, you overcome language barriers, as users do not need to have a perfect command of the defined terminology.
  • The combination of text and images bears advantages too: text can provide additional information to the instruction which cannot be depicted in an illustration.
  • Complex steps of action are depicted clearly and with a wealth of information.
  • Translation costs are reduced, as less text is created.

    Translation costs