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Content Delivery Portal

Users always expect to get up-to-date documentation for maintaining devices or installing a software update. A Content Delivery Portal is a solution.

Component Content Management Systems. Workflow management of large volumes of data.

Technical documentation is increasingly being produced with the aid of component content management systems. This is due to the many advantages such systems have over traditional authoring tools.

What are metadata and how can we use them?

In light of the rapidly increasing amount of information, it is becoming more and more difficult to find the right information at the right time. This trend does not spare technical documentation. The metadata-based search improves matters.

10 golden rules for intelligibility of technical documentation

An optimum text intelligibility in technical documentation is more important than in almost every other type of text. To achieve that, the linguistic style of the texts and a well-conceived structure are critical.

Trends in technical documentation

New methods and possibilities are emerging in the field of technical documentation, which will become more important in the coming years.

Introducing a component content management system - the maturity level

The introduction of a component content management system bears opportunities and challenges for the technical documentation department. One point to think about is the maturity level of the editors.

Standards in technical documentation

With standards in technical documentation, the quality of manuals and online-help increases and the costs for translations are reduced drastically.

Warnings and safety information

Manufacturers must warn users directly, for example by providing information in the user guide or by placing warnings on the machine. The types of warnings provided consist of different information.