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Online help and system documentation at SAP

The SAP AG is the world leader in enterprise software and is the fourth largest software manufacturer world-wide. More than 250,000 customers around the globe benefit from SAP applications, thanks to more efficient economic management, continuous adjustment to new demands and sustainable growth.
In an economy constantly getting more global, more complex and more difficult to manage, SAP supports its customers with sustainable and progressive solutions. SAP’s groundbreaking technology continuously sets new standards for the IT sector.

The technical writers from people text support SAP as Information Developers. Together with the Development department, they work within the SAP system, creating interface texts and the context-sensitive field help (system documentation). When the Development department programs, for example, data elements, they create field labels with input masks and fill in text for field-help. We create content, and we also check and update existing content created by developers for its compliance with defined rules and standards.

Terminology work

Furthermore, together with Solution Managers, our writers develop corporate terminology across teams to help reduce translation costs and to enable smooth internal and external communication.

Working in Knowledge Warehouse (SAP KW)

For its process-oriented online help, we use a company-owned Knowledge Warehouse, the SAP KW. There, our editors work with the XML-based content management system and an elaborate style guide to describe components and transactions.

They store data as info objects. A special type of info objects, the structures, link other info objects. A collection of info objects related to the same subject area are organized in a folder. Info objects are stored in different versions, organized on a context.

During our long-term collaboration in Walldorf we have acquired profound knowledge of SAP-specific documentation processes. Having become at home in a high-end documentation environment, carrying out various tasks from archiving objects to transport, our editors have made a valuable contribution to SAP’s success and growth for several years running.

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